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Dec 7, 2011 11:30am PST
leader. >>> syria's president now denying he ordered a deadly crackdown on his own people. just ahead, his explanation of what happened in an interview with barbara walters. >>> bitten by his own bug. the security flaw in facebook that has hit the company's founder. >>> sear kwan president assad is denying having ordered a bloody -- syrian president assad is denying having ordered a bloody crackdown. he calls the up u.n.'s report of 4,000 killed not incredible. -- >> reporter: for the lead are of a country in so much turmoil syria's president assad appears calm, soft spoken and confident. confident he's doing the right thing for syria, the u.n. says more than 4,000 have died in the past nine months in an interview with barbara walters he distanced himself from the bloodshed. >> do you think that your forces cracked down too hard? >> they are not my forces. they are military forces belong to the government. i don't own them, i'm president. >> reporter: assad did admit mistakes have been made but doesn't feel guilty because he says he's doing his best to protect his people. few have bee
Dec 25, 2011 6:00pm PST
of blind hatred and called for peace in the middle east, praying for an end to the violence in syria and for resumption of talks between the israelis and palestinians, and then delivered christmas greetings in 56 different -- 65 different languages, much to the delight of those gathered in st. peters square. >> feliz and a half see -- feliz and a half -- navidad. >> a second round of tests of the enfamil found no problems. the government has not issued a recall. health officials are awaiting test results on water used to mix with the formula. safeway, walgreens and wal-mart are some of the national retailers that pulled the powdered formula from store shelves after a newborne apparently die from a bacterial infection after drinking the formula. the maker says it has tested the formula twice for bacteria and the tests were both negative. >> airline workers in boston came to the rescue of a woman flying from san francisco to spain. he woman was hoping to take her dog to madrid but didn't realize he constant come along until he got to boston. two customer service workers stepped and ask
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2